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"Never was so much owed by so many to so few"
- Winston Churchill

Comments and Memories

Do you have any memories of former RAF stations in Essex. Were you a serviceman in WW2 or did you do your national service in Essex?

Do you live near an old RAF airfield? Send us your photos of how it is now or tell us what's happening there today.

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  • Stanley Rosenthal wrote: "Secret Bunker"

    I worked at the bunker in 1954 as a radio operator also did some code breaking if you was their please get in touch stan. stanjag@outlook.com

  • Graham Mumby wrote: "What Memories"

    We visited the "Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker Museum" last week and I must admit I was amazed to see all old telex and communications equipment I worked on years ago. Great place to visit for those Cold War memories. Those were the Days!! I would recommend it to anybody who has an interest in the Military after WW2 and up to the 1990's.

  • Simon Spavin wrote: "Hornchurch Country Park

    I took my family to the old RAF Hornchurch station in Essex. The country park that is now there is fab to walk around and you will see the odd WW2 building in the woods and fields. I could picture the Spitfires taking off to shot down the Germans. Here's to the "few" that kept our country safe all those years ago.

  • John Spray wrote: "Kelvedon Hatch ROTOR"

    I was a National Serviceman here in 1953-54 and revisited back in 2001, it was a real nostalgic journey and one that I enjoyed. Life was very different then, we worked in 8 hour shifts and were based at RAF North Weald. One tends to forget the rather primitive conditions that went with aircraft operations in the 1950's and our Nuclear deterrent was second to none in spite of the privations of the economy.